Death by Water

The poem we read today in class, “Death by Water”, from The Waste Land by TS Eliot, is here recited by Ted Hughes, another great English poet of the 20th century.

You did a good job at interpreting this piece, as well as Auden’s. I have another question for you, which slipped my mind today. Why, if the poem is using the past (forgot, rose, fell, picked) suddenly switches to the present in passes the stages of his age and youth? This is the kind of things students should not do, as it breaks tense coherence, but a poet can break the rules for expressive purposes? Which ones, in this case?


About To the Lighthouse

As we said in class, it is not compulsory to read the novel. People are finding it rather difficult. Maybe -although used it very successfully in the past with a 5th-year group- it has been too ambitious on my part and too demanding of you. Anyway, those who would like to read it or at least to read the first part, The window, should finish it before we return after Easter holidays. Before the holidays i will give some clues about the novel; then, at the beginning of the third term, i will explain more and will have a discussion with those who read at least The Window.

So, don’t stress or force yourselves; you are free to choose on this.

Final dates for Second term exams

This second term we will be having exams, which will serve as rehearsal for the Certification exams which will be held in June.

The dates and times are the following (notice the change, as my meeting in Sevilla has been anticipated in a day). Try to be here at least ten minutes before the starting time for each exam paper.

Tuesday, 13 March, 18.45: Writing

Thursday, 15 March, 18.45: Reading and Listening 

The oral exams were supposed to take place on Wednesday 14th, but because of my meeting in Sevilla, we will postpone them until Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st. We will assign turns for them on Tuesday 13, at the start of the exam.



This is the book I mentioned last week in passim.

Mastery by George Leonard. You can find it online in PDF. Leonard was an Aikido master and a great expert in maximizing physical and psychological energy, a topic in which he trained thousands of people in the US.