The poems you wrote to close the course and your blogs were really good, and -several of them- very moving.
So, here is mine: a present we read on the beach in our last class.

It was a great pleasure and honour to have been together in this new C1 experience. And who knows, may be one day we can have another learning journey with the C2!

An end-of-course poem
in extolment of learning and deprecation of exams

They were a jolly band of students,
eager for learning and for fun,
never afraid of photocopies,
daring the longest English run.

Their brains –no doubt- were neuroplastic;
flow was the substance of their mind;
Virginia Wolf, if resurrected,
would write a novel on their kind.

They travelled far, to Greece and India,
searching for meaning and for light.
They knew the names of birds and forests.
They always got inversions right.

They never walked in the same manner;
they gave speeches on demand;
Chomsky was often at their table;
History was their native land.

They shaped a circle of discussion
for the outer world and the inner soul,
an English-learning, knowledge-focused,
Ubuntu-inspired rigmarole.

They bore a hundred thousand listenings,
with expert yoga breathing skills.
They stood Emilio’s beastly homework,
a plague that love and leisure kills.

So when at last the moment came
that all students fear and dread,
the end-of-course examinations,
a monster with a thousand heads,

with perfect calm they faced the trial,
knowing that nothing can destroy
what is already part of you,
what you have learnt with fun and joy.

Emilio Alzueta
Motril, 2012